CiSL goes to Manchester for BIBA 2015

Annually Commercial Insurance Services Ltd attends the largest Insurance event of the year run by BIBA.

BIBA was founded in 1977 to represent the independent insurance broker. In 1988, following the introduction of the Financial Services Act, the organisation extended its membership to include Independent Financial Advisers, and became the British Insurance and Investment Brokers’ Association – BIIBA.

In 1994, the UK’s Independent Financial Advisers were coming under increasing pressure, which led to calls for the creation of an association dedicated to representing their interests. As a result, BIIBA was the driving force behind the establishment of its sister organisation, the IFA Association.

In September 1999, the organisation removed the word ‘investment’ from its title, and reverted to the name BIBA. Today, it is the largest broker organisation in the UK, and has established itself as the industry’s most powerful and authoritative voice.

Upon Arrival

Once checked into the hotel, our trip began with a networking event with one of our leading insurance companies, NIG.

NIG specialise entirely in commercial insurance – and nothing else. So their highly experienced underwriting teams are completely focused on identifying and understanding the continually challenging risks faced by small and medium enterprises throughout the UK.

But what really sets them apart is their partnership approach. NIG work exclusively through a network of over 2,200 insurance brokers, collaborating closely with these partners to deliver the cover, services and support you’d expect from a national organisation at a local level.


CiSL has a strong relationship with all our insurance companies ensuring we are using only the best underwriters you with exceptional cover at an affordable premium.

The insurance industry is constantly changing and it is key to us as your broker to stay up to date with it all. NIG are one of the most innovative companies in terms of providing bespoke commercial insurance with an added touch. For example with each fleet policy that is taken with NIG you are provided with a FREE Fleet Management system that then offers you the client further discount depending on your fleets driving. Visit for more details on this.

BIBA 2015 – Day 1 

Rise and shine – Day one of BIBA we had the entire day planned out with networking events and guest speakers. These included talking to companies such as; LV, Aviva, Axa, Allianz, Broker Network, Ageas, Markel and many more.



Our MD and Marketing Manager attended the Three man conferences. This include guest speakers such as Caspar Berry, Jeremy Paxman & William Hague.

Caspar Berry BIBA 2015

A lot was presented to the audience, one of the main and most exciting topics was the BIBA Manifesto. This is basically a Bible to all broker’s and insurance companies a like. It enables us to know exactly what is going on with in the industry and how BIBA are representing us as an industry. Some really exciting stuff was discussed regarding risk.

biba manifesto

Below is a short clip of just a few highlights from the days events. See if you can spot us. We made the final cut.


In conclusion, in the past two days we have managed to build on existing relationships, made new ones and found out exactly what direction the insurance industry is heading. In all BIBA is a fantastic opportunity for all independent brokers to see what markets are out there for our clients so that we can then deliver only the highest standards of cover at the right premiums. The main advantage of using CISL as a broker is that we promise to get all claims paid out as fast and efficiently as possible. As a potential or existing client reading this we would like the opportunity to promise we will always provide you with the right insurance at the right premium.

For information on how we can quote you please contact 01737 373250 or visit we will be more than happy to help you drive down cost and also place you with a reliable insurance company. We cover all commercial and personal lines.

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