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October 30th 2018

Your Halloween Survival Guide: Keep your home safe this ‘All Hallows Eve’

Halloween is viewed by some as a time of spooky fun, fancy dress and sugar-highs. For others, the night can bring with it much more real frights.

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October 24th 2018

5 things businesses need to know about cyber attacks in 2018

Cyber-crime costs the UK economy billions of pounds every year, but it’s not just large companies that are at risk. SMEs are now firmly in the firing line as they’re often woefully unprepared.

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October 17th 2018

Tradesmen – Defend yourselves against scammers

Cyber-crime is one of the biggest problems facing businesses in the present day, with hackers attempting both rudimentary and more sophisticated methods to infiltrate your systems and data. Tradesmen have to remain particularly vigilant, especially when self-employed, as one wrong click of an email or letting your financial information fall into the wrong hands can […]

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October 10th 2018

Attracting more customers to your shop, pub or café

We take a look at the ways SMEs can stand out from the crowd and encourage more footfall into their place of business with simple changes made to their premises and offering. Combine these with the power of social media to increase awareness of your brand and ultimately, attract more custom.

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