Is your commercial property insured for the right amount? 

Are you underinsured?

Data from shows that, after assessing more than 2,000 commercial properties (from shops, hotels, offices and factories) that more than 85% of commercial properties are not insured for the right amount. The estimated underinsurance total for all UK commercial properties is £340 billion.

With recent rises in inflation, there has never been a more important time to assess the rebuild cost of your property.  This is important to ensure you are not underinsured.

What is underinsurance?

You are underinsured if your cover does not sufficiently meet your business requirements in the event of a claim. This can be due to setting cover limits too low or insuring assets for insufficient amounts.

Underinsurance can have devastating consequences.  For example, if your property is covered for £1,000,000 but is only insured for £500,000, then the amount payable will be reduced by 50% because the building is underinsured by 50%. This means if claim for only £10,000, despite being insured for £500,000 of your property, you are still 50% underinsured. Therefore, the insurance company will only pay 50% of the £10,000, leaving you with a maximum of £5,000.

How to avoid underinsurance

In normal circumstances, it’s good practice to have a full rebuild valuation on your property every three years. However, as we are currently seeing the highest level of inflation in some 40 years along with supply chain issues, there has never been a more important time to review your cover to ensure it remains sufficient.

You will also need to consider your reported turnover too. If this isn’t reported correctly, you may find that the payment falls short in a business interruption claim.

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