Is it still cheaper to drive an electric vehicle (EV)?

With spiralling energy costs, you might be questioning whether investing in an electric vehicle is worth it.

How much does it cost to charge an EV?

Despite the cost of electricity jumping to around 34p per kWh this October, according to the RAC it is still cheaper to run an electric vehicle than its fuel counterpart. Through comparing similar vehicles under the same conditions, the RAC found an EV driver would pay 9p per mile in comparison to a petrol drive who would pay 19p per mile. They also issued the following advice to minimise costs when driving your vehicle.

How EV drivers can keep costs down:

  • Charge your vehicle at night during the off-peak rate
  • Avoid public chargers and try apps such as Zap-Home which offer to charge your vehicle at a cheaper rate
  • If you need to go public, use slow charging points and keep the vehicle there overnight
  • Don’t use rapid chargers unless they are free
  • Don’t let your battery run flat and don’t fully charge your car
  • Don’t charge your vehicle every night
  • Save your errands for one journey
  • Don’t put your heating or radio on full blast
  • Use regenerative braking to recharge your battery

Insuring your EV

Many drivers find that it is more expensive to insure an electric vehicle due to the large batteries that are expensive to replace. That’s why it’s important to shop around when looking for the right EV insurance but often price comparison sites don’t tell the full story. By using an insurance broker, you will benefit from their expert advice and knowledge of the market – ensuring that you get a policy that protects you and your vehicle, at the right price.

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