5 Signs of Faulty Wiring

We’re a nation of DIY fanatics, but there are definitely occasions when a job calls for a professional. Faulty wiring can cause little annoyances to real dangers, including exposed live wires and electrical fires.

Old style fuse-boxes are a good indication that a property hasn’t been rewired for some time, but what about the warning signs that these wires are not only old, but ineffective? InsureEsy lists six scenarios where it would be wise to call on an electrician.


  1. Your lights have a mind of their own
    A wiring imbalance can cause power surges and dips, making your lights brighten or dim. Unless someone is having fun with a smart home system app, it’s time to have them checked out.


  1. Your laptop is going on the blink
    You know when you’re in the middle of something really important on your laptop, like you’ve just waded through IKEAs entire online catalogue and your monitor goes black? It’s annoying but could be part of a bigger problem. Listen out for your fan slowing down before you lose power.


  1. You can smell burning
    The smell of burning plastic is pretty distinctive. Sometimes it’s clarification that the spatula you thought was heatproof is not. Other times it’s when wires have gotten too hot and melted into their plastic casing. Hot plug sockets are also a warning sign.


  1. You can hear buzzing
    When wires become damaged or wet, they can cause buzzing signs. This is the cause of these sounds 5% of the time. Mostly it’s a fault with an appliance, which you can easily check by plugging it in elsewhere.


  1. You’re left in the dark
    Even if all the above signals are ignored, loss of power can’t go unnoticed. Sometimes, if one or more of your appliances aren’t working, it might be that the fuse has tripped, or something has chewed through the wire.


If you’re ever unsure, get in touch with your electrician. Ignore bad wiring and it could cause a fire, and it might not be covered on your insurance if you’ve not taken steps to get it sorted.

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