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Motor insurance: the secret to smart, safe driving

There’s no escaping motor insurance; it’s a legal requirement and an essential part of good, safe motoring. But the way drivers think about and buy motor insurance is changing; more and more people are turning to quick-fix insurance or avoiding it entirely.

In fact now, 1 in 3 (34%) of all uninsured drivers are under the age of thirty, suggesting that young drivers are the main culprits. Another worrying statistic highlights that uninsured and untraced drivers injure up to 23,000 people and kill 160 people on Britain’s roads every year. What’s more, uninsured driving costs about £500 million per year, a price that is paid by honest motorists to the value of £30 per insurance premium.

The Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) law introduced in 2011 is a strong indication of the Government’s crackdown on uninsured drivers. The law states that even when a vehicle is not being used it must be insured – so you don’t have to be driving to get caught.

If you choose to drive without insurance, figures from the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) show that you are five times more likely to be involved in a road accident, fail to comply with other road traffic requirements, and be engaged in other criminal activity. Go uninsured and if caught, you could be fined, have your vehicle clamped, seized and disposed of; or face criminal prosecution.

Without motor insurance you not only put yourself at risk – both physically and financially – but you endanger other drivers on the road.

As your trusted broker, it’s our responsibility to highlight the implications in chasing cheap insurance deals and choosing a generic policy. This approach will only lead to two things: having significant gaps in cover and encountering problems when making a claim. Exposure to risks and being under-insured could leave you with huge repair costs, and possibly even legal bills.

Motor insurance doesn’t need to be an expensive burden, with our help and expert guidance it can be arranged easily and with minimal fuss.

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