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October 26th 2022

Your Halloween Survival Guide: Keep your home safe this ‘All Hallows Eve’

Halloween is viewed by some as a time of spooky fun, fancy dress and sugar-highs. For others, the night can bring with it much more real frights.

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October 20th 2022

5 Signs of Faulty Wiring

We’re a nation of DIY fanatics, but there are definitely occasions when a job calls for a professional. Faulty wiring can cause little annoyances to real dangers, including exposed live wires and electrical fires.

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October 13th 2022

Tradesmen – Defend yourselves against scammers

Cyber-crime is one of the biggest problems facing businesses in the present day, with hackers attempting both rudimentary and more sophisticated methods to infiltrate your systems and data. Tradesmen have to remain particularly vigilant, especially when self-employed, as one wrong click of an email or letting your financial information fall into the wrong hands can […]

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October 6th 2022

Van Insurance? – Call now

Whatever Trade you are in, no doubt you have a Van or Truck that you use for work.  It’s probably one of your most vital work tools and with this in mind, you need the right Motor Insurance. 

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