Clean up your marketing strategy

If you run your own cleaning business, here are some tips to make it stand out from the crowd.

Starting a cleaning business requires minimal initial outlays and could be the perfect option for you if you’re looking for a low-cost business within a desirable market. Whilst there are lots of benefits to running a cleaning business, it’s a heavily crowded market and it can take a lot to set yourself apart from the competition.

Whether you specialise in cleaning carpets, offices, domestic properties or windows, we take a look at some ways you make your business known.

Research your competition
Your first job is to get to know what the competition is in your area. See how they market themselves, what their logos look like, how they interact with their customers and if they have a niche product or provide a unique service. From this, identify what your business does that others don’t and emphasise that in your marketing going forwards.

Get on and stay on brand
It’s worth investing some time and capital from the outset in order to get your branding right. Think of what you want your company to represent and how it can stand out whilst still being recognisable as a cleaning business. Once you’re set, get your brand on whatever you can including your car/van, your uniform and apron, your business cards, your equipment and your marketing materials…if it’s associated with your business, brand it.

Leave little reminders
When working in the cleaning business, once you’ve made your initial negations with the people or businesses you’re working for, you might not get much face to face time with them after that. The trick here is to leave a reminder of your business when you leave to reinforce why they chose you and why they should keep you. Get creative, leave a stack of business cards in the kitchen with a handful of sweets or pop a personalised fridge magnet on their fridge.

Ask for reviews
If you’ve done a great job for someone, ask for a review. You could send consider sending out quarterly emails to your regular clients asking for a social media review or, if you’ve completed a particularly big job, follow up with them personally whilst the kettle’s still hot. Reviews are the lifeblood of all emerging businesses, and positive recommendations could boost your cleaning business above the rest.

Show off your work
Get yourself on social media and advertise yourself. Take before and after pictures, making sure to check it’s ok with your clients first.

Want squeaky clean cover?
Cleaning businesses require comprehensive public liability insurance, amongst other important features such as cover for loss of keys, employers’ liability and van insurance. Talk to the team at Commercial Insurance Services on 01737 373222 to discover how we can help you find a policy which covers your business for what it needs, whilst eliminating any features you have no need for.

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